Some of your Questions:

Q. Will carpets soil quicker after cleaning?

This question is probably the most frequently asked question in the carpet cleaning industry. The answer is quite simply "no." Carpets will not soil quicker after they are cleaned if they are cleaned properly. We use a cleaning method that leaves carpets virtually free of soil-attracting residue.

Q. Will cleaning damage my carpeting?

The answer is "absolutely not." In fact, carpet fiber producers and carpet mills recommend regular cleaning. Carpets that are well maintained retain their original beauty much longer than a neglected carpet. Making a small investment periodically for carpet care will prolong a much larger investment for premature carpet replacement.

Q. How often should carpets be cleaned?

With average usage and care, carpets should be cleaned annually. Carpet manufacturers recommend this cleaning interval to prevent premature wear and to reset the memory of the carpet’s yarn. Carpet warranties also require regular cleaning maintenance. Active families with children and pets may need to have their carpets cleaned more frequently. Periodic cleaning not only restores the carpet’s appearance, but it also removes odors and allergy-causing pollutants and provides a healthier indoor environment. Never wait until a carpet is extremely soiled or it may be difficult or impossible to restore it to its original condition.

Q. What cleaning method do we use?

We use the most widely accepted and endorsed carpet cleaning method available: hot water extraction. This method thoroughly and gently removes trapped abrasive particles, odor-causing bacteria, and allergy-causing pollutants while rejuvenating the carpet’s pile. There are no rotating brushes to distort or damage the carpet’s face yarns. Cleaning is accomplished by a high pressure spray of a heated cleaning solution that is injected into the pile, and a high volume vacuum extraction to remove emulsified soil and excess moisture. A topical pre-conditioner is applied to the carpet before cleaning that quickly loosens stubborn soil. This solution is thoroughly rinsed during the cleaning process leaving the carpets virtually residue free. Our cleaning solution is 100% biodegradable and EPA approved.

Q. What kind of cleaning equipment do we use?

Our cleaning equipment is "van-powered" which means no heavy, bulky equipment is taken into the home. This type of equipment utilizes the power of the vehicle’s engine for cleaning, not the limited power that is available from a home’s power receptacle. Your carpets are cleaned quickly, thoroughly, and gently with minimal drying time needed before use.

Q. How do I prepare for carpet cleaning?

Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed before being cleaned. Smaller furnishings and breakable items should also be removed from these areas. To reduce the risk of injury and possible damage, we cannot move large, heavy items such as pianos, TV's, entertainment centers, major appliances, large bedroom furniture, etc. Pets should be confined to an area away from the cleaning process. There will be plastic pads or Styrofoam blocks under the legs of furnishings that we move and replace. Please do not remove these items for at least 24 hours. Do not replace any items on a damp carpet or permanent damage to the carpet may result.

Q. How long will the carpets take to dry?

Carpets normally dry in just a few hours, but may take slightly longer during periods of high humidity. To decrease drying time during cool weather, you may turn up the thermostat. During the warm months, you can turn on the air conditioning or open windows on days when the humidity is low. Ceiling fans and floor fans are a great help, too. Traffic on freshly cleaned carpeting should be kept to a minimum. If carpets must be walked on before they are totally dry, wear only clean non-slip footwear or socks. Complimentary booties are available as well.

Q. Should carpet protector be applied?

We highly recommend having a carpet protector applied. Carpet protectors help keep carpets clean by forming an invisible barrier over the carpet's surface; similar to a good coat of wax on your automobile. This reduces soiling and keeps your carpets cleaner longer. Most spills can be blotted up easily before being absorbed into the carpet. We use only HBCC Soil Blocker Carpet Protector. It is a fluoropolymer product (Teflon) that is 100% environmentally safe. Ask about our no-risk, one year satisfaction guaranteed warranty.

Q. What can be done to maintain a carpet?

Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly at least once a week to remove dry soil that causes premature wear. It is very important to vacuum the high traffic areas in multiple directions. Removing shoes before walking on carpeting keeps them cleaner much longer. Most small spills can be blotted up by using a mild 25% household ammonia and water mixture in a trigger sprayer bottle. Avoid using any products that are soapy or contain bleach. Never scrub a spot as this procedure will often distort the yarn as well as set the stain.

For further information, please email me, or call my office at 309-828-7911, and I will be glad to answer any other questions that you may have.

Jeff Manuel