Pricing Information

We clean with a van-powered cleaning system manufactured by the Butler Corporation, and it is the best cleaning equipment available. Carpet cleaners who are serious about quality and customer retention invest in the best equipment. We have knowledge, experience, and we take the time necessary to do a thorough and complete cleaning job for our customers every time! Our carpet cleaning is priced by the square foot, so our customers are charged fairly and only for the amount of cleaning we perform. We will gladly visit your home and give you a free and honest evaluation of your cleaning needs and cost.

Hydra Clean may not be the least expensive cleaning company, but we believe that we are the best value because our mission is 100% customer satisfaction! Money spent on an inferior cleaning job is money wasted if little or no satisfaction is realized. Your carpet is an expensive investment. Do not risk being frustrated and suffering permanent damage to your carpet by choosing the cheap cleaner. Many “bargain” cleaners use unrealistically low prices to attract customers, and then sell the unsuspecting customer a variety of unneeded services and products to increase sales and profits. Other “lowball” cleaners make their profit by doing a high volume of quick and shoddy in-and-out jobs. The faster they work, the more jobs they complete in a day, and the more money they make. You will get what you pay for and maybe some unpleasant surprises as a bonus.

If you demand quality, expect to pay a fair price for this service. Quality work takes more resources and time to perform, so it costs more, but the results are real and very satisfying. Your carpets will appreciate it too.